23 October 2017

Fall Training Schedule

SUU Online invites you to our training on the following topics: instructional design, Canvas tools, online course development & design, etc. We typically offer weekly training.

All workshops are held on Tuesday at 2:00 pm in the Bennion Building third-floor conference room. (BB304H)

Note: We recommend you bring your own laptop or device for participation or note-taking.

10/17/17 Canvas Basics
SUU Online invites you to this training on Canvas Basics. Are you just starting out with Canvas or need a refresher? We will cover the basics of how to navigate Canvas with the black and white toolbar's as well as go over how to set up your profile. Facilitated by Karl Stevens.

10/31/17 Syllabus, Quizzes & Discussions

SUU Online invites you to this training on the syllabus tool. The Syllabus tool is an excellent location to upload your syllabus for your students to access all semester. The Syllabus tool also includes a list of assignments and events that are automatically generated from data in the calendar. Quizzes have many applications and use. There are many features available to customize each quiz specifically to the content and purpose in that part of the course. A discussion is also a neat tool that allows the instructor and students to talk about a certain topic online. Learn how to customize these tools in your course! Facilitated by Michelle Miller.

11/7/17 Modules & Content Pages
SUU Online invites you to this training on modules and content pages. All course content can be organized in the Modules tool. Files, assignments, quizzes, etc. can be placed for student access in Modules. Pages is a tool in which instructors can create their content directly in Canvas. Instructors may embed videos, audio, and images into Pages. These two tools can work hand in hand by using modules to organize your pages and place them throughout your other assignments. Facilitated by Jennifer Hunter.

11/14/17 Assignments, ELOs, & Groups
SUU Online invites you to this training on assignments, ELOs and groups. Instructors can create assignments for their students within Canvas. The Assignments tool is a versatile tool that can be adapted to fit several different functions. You can add ELOs to any assignment. These are used to track mastery of a course. We will also be discussing groups. Examples of using Groups: group projects or to divide up larger classes into smaller sections for discussions. Facilitated by Jill Mallek.

11/28/17 Speedgrader
SUU Online invites you to this training on the speedgrader. The Grades tool is where all student grades can be listed/entered for the entire course. This tool allows you and your students to track their progress in the class. Speedgrader is where assignments can be reviewed and graded. Learn about the new Speedgrader doc viewer and how to use it.
-> Speedgrader has been updated, so let us walk you through the different ways you can annotate or mark up a student's assignment online. This updated tool can provide a way for you to give detailed feedback to your students. Come join us to learn about Speedgrader and how to really assist in your students' learning. Facilitated by Jill Mallek

12/5/17 Video Tools
SUU Online invites you to this training on video tools. We will be going over how to use Kaltura, Cisco, and Adobe Connect. We will also go over the new Studio97 where faculty can create videos for their courses. Facilitated by Shane Flanigan

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