25 February 2015

March Workshops

03/03/15 3pm – 4pm Syllabus Template

This week’s SUU Online workshop is on the syllabus template. Come learn about a new option available in Canvas where you can use custom tools that will assist you create your syllabus in Canvas and save time in the process.

All interested faculty and staff are to come to ED 338, from 3pm-4pm this Tuesday, March 3rd.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

03/19/15  3pm – 4pm  Summer Shells are ready are you? (Canvas Basics)
This week’s SUU Online workshop is on getting your Canvas shells ready for the Summer semester.

All interested faculty and staff are to come to ELC 206, from 3pm-4pm this Thursday, March 19th.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

3/24/15 3pm-4pm App of the Month: Embedding Video in Canvas via Mobile Device (i.e iPad)

This week's SUU Online workshop on a mobile device function. Did you know that right off of your mobile device you can upload a video directly into Canvas? Come learn how. This function has been spotlighted by SUU Online in their monthly app spotlight select the following link to view: http://suuonline.blogspot.com/2015/02/suu-onlines-app-of-month-for-march.html

All interested faculty and staff are invited to come to ED 338, from 3pm-4pm Tuesday, March 24th.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

3/31/15 3pm-4pm How to Teach with Nearpod

This SUU Online workshop is on using Nearpod in the classroom. This will be facilitated by Mark Atkinson, Dean of Continuing & Professional Studies-Graduate Studies. Participants will learn how to teach with Nearpod so please bring a mobile device (Android, Apple [iOS], Surface, etc.) with the free Nearpod app installed or be ready to access it through your browser. There will also be some devices that participants can borrow for the session.

All interested faculty and staff are invited to come to ED 338, from 3pm-4pm Tuesday, March 31st.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

24 February 2015

SUU Online’s App of the Month for March

Embedding Video in Canvas via Mobile Device
(i.e iPad)

For this month's app spotlight, instead of spotlighting a specific app, we will be spotlighting a useful tool available on the iPad (and Android).

With addition of the My Media and Media Galley tools in Canvas it is now possible to upload a media file from your mobile device directly into Canvas.  This is a great new feature as it is not necessary to email or otherwise export your media off of your mobile device to embed it into Canvas later. This is especially useful as it is resolves the common issue of video files being too large to email or otherwise export from an mobile device.

Note: Uploading media from your Android device to your Media Gallery is also possible.

Screenshot of the My Media tool.

Attend the March App of the Month workshop for more instructions on how to embed a video from your iPad directly into Canvas using My Media/Media Gallery. This workshop will take place on March 24th from 3pm-4pm in ED 338.

If you would like to learn how to use this or other apps, please contact Michelle Thayer at thayerm@suu.edu or 435.586.1994 for an appointment. You can also stop by ED 338.

SUU Online Faculty Spotlight

Katelynd Adams first became an employee for SUU in 2006 when she started attending SUU as a math education major. She worked as a math tutor/TA and grader for the four years she went to SUU, and then following her student teaching, Adams was hired to teach MATH-0950 and MATH-0990 as part of the developmental math program. Three years later, Adams still loves working with SUU students and faculty, and she especially loves the opportunity to help students that have struggled in the past, understand math. Adams expressed her enjoyment of teaching math when she said, “I love my subject matter and I have a strong desire for my students to gain that appreciation for it as well.” She indicates that her love of math and the opportunity to work with people at SUU makes it easy to get up for work every day.

Adams began implementing the Doceri app in her courses during the Fall 2014 semester. She was initially hesitant about how she would effectively teach her students without being face-to-face. She began exploring tools that would provide students with that personal instruction that is beneficial in the classroom and would be as close to the face to face experience as possible. Doceri has provided her with a great way to interact with her students. About the Doceri app, Adams said, "The more I worked with Doceri, the more I loved the options available to me as an instructor... Rather than standing in front of my students in the classroom to teach them from a whiteboard, I just record my voice, present the material through the iPad app, while writing the same information onto a virtual white board available through the program." The whiteboard tools such as the graph and picture features are also useful to Adams as she creates video lectures through Doceri.

Adams stated: “I love the flexibility that Doceri offers in that I can still teach the material to students as I would if I had them in my classroom yet they can learn and study the material from home. My students have expressed their love of the program as well in that they are able to pause and play the recordings as they need to while working to grasp the material. They are able to follow right along with me in the video as I teach the lessons and work through the examples with them on the board. They can them refer to those videos as reference as often as they need to throughout the course. My face-to-face students can also benefit from these videos-since I can easily upload the recordings to the canvas dashboard, if they happen to miss class or want to review any of the material I have presented, they can easily access all of the lessons from the course.”

Adams also appreciates the options that her use of Doceri provides her students: students can pause and rewind lectures at will to ensure that they didn't miss anything, and because the videos can be uploaded to Canvas, students can return to the video and review the content at their convenience. To summarize, Adams said, "Doceri provides me with the opportunity to interact and engage my students personally while still providing them with the benefits of an online experience."

09 February 2015

Canvas Announcement: Summer Shells Are Ready

Faculty: Canvas shells are ready for summer semester. You can find your course shells in Canvas by logging in and clicking on Courses, then View All, then scrolling down to Future Enrollments. As students register for your courses, they will automatically populate in your Canvas shells.

For those who are new to working in Canvas, a back-to-the-basics training will be offered Thursday, March 19th 3:00-4:00 pm in ELC 206. Help with importing previous semester courses will also be covered in this training.