12 August 2016

August Workshops

8/30/16 - Turnitin - BIG UPDATES

Come learn about the NEW Turnitin integration process and the NEW Feedback Studio (originality report). Facilitated by Jen Hunter.

Please come to CN 221, at 4pm to attend, this Tuesday, August 30th.

03 August 2016

BIG CHANGES coming to Turnitin

Turnitin has made major changes to their integration to Canvas.

What does this mean for you? Every assignment that is currently using Turnitin will need to be updated to use the new process.

When do I need to do this by? For Fall semester you can still use the old way, however this new integration will be the only option STARTING SPRING SEMESTER 2017 and the old way will be retired in January 2017.

We recommend that faculty switch over to the new process for Fall, if possible, but definitely be prepared to update your assignments before Spring semester 2017.

Here is a tutorial on how to activate the new Turnitin integration in your assignments:

11 May 2016

SUU Online Faculty Spotlight

Professor Steed came to SUU in the Fall of 2003.
He states, “I love the overall SUU environment. Great faculty/staff.  Great students. Great rural, outdoor environment.  I was hired to launch the hospitality management degree and thoroughly enjoyed designing the curriculum.” Professor Steed also states that he likes the open space at SUU and Cedar City.

Professor Steed has put quizzes in his Canvas courses for many years. As of Spring 2016 he updated his quizzes. He states, “I began using tables that allowed many versions of quizzes. I give students an Excel spreadsheet that requires them to make several calculations.  I create in Canvas a table that asks for answers to the Excel calculations.” With this method Professor Steed can create five or six versions of the table and can ask for different answers from the Excel spreadsheet. Students are given time to complete the Excel calculations, but only 30 minutes to complete the quiz. Professor Steed states that, “to do well on the quiz, students have to apply a concept by completing several calculations on Excel.”

The main reason for creating several tables that ask for different answers is that Professor Steed had a concern with quizzes on Canvas. Students often sit together and watch one person complete a quiz. Students then share the questions and answers with other class members. Professor Steed states that, “by using the tables, I can easily change the questions and calculations, so that students watching someone else would not have the same question.”

Changing or adding a new method can be time consuming. Creating the initial tables certainly falls into this category. However, updating and modifying quizzes in the future will require less time. Professor Steed states that, “Canvas saves me grading time.  Students apply the concepts by completing several calculations before attempting the quiz. Students taking the quiz must supply different answers.” Overall, Canvas has many options that can save time. Professor Steed is anticipating his time to be saved by having tables in quizzes, which can auto grade calculations while preserving quiz integrity.

02 May 2016

May Workshops

5/17/16 3pm-4pm Nearpod - Interactive Presentations

This SUU Online workshop is on using Nearpod which will be presented by Dr. Mark Atkinson. With Nearpod faculty members can present information, take, polls, have students watch videos, use drawing activities, and other interactive options that students can participate in all in one presentation. The presenter has control over what content is shown and how fast students’ progress through the presentation. There is also a homework option where students can complete the work at any time and the presenter can review the results at their convenience.

All interested faculty and staff are to come to AD 304H, from 3pm-4pm this Tuesday, May 17th.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

5/25/16 3pm-4pm Canvas for Studio Courses

Instructors who teach Studio courses can integrate Canvas to their course. This workshop demonstrates and walks instructors through the simple steps in making this possible. Instructors applying these practices will be able to provide documentation online, grades, collect an archive of students work, and be able to provide evidence for accreditation needs.

All interested faculty and staff are to come to AD 304H, from 3pm-4pm this Wednesday, May 25th.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu