28 April 2016

SUU Online's App of the Month for May

For this month we wanted to ask you what mobile apps you are using in your classrooms? And, are there any apps that you would like spotlighted or used for a workshop?

Please send your responses to Michelle Thayer at thayerm@suu.edu

30 March 2016

SUU Online’s App of the Month for April

Study Blue

StudyBlue is the leading crowdsourced learning platform, provides intelligent learning tools including flashcards, notes, study guides and more and these can empower students to study smarter.

Educators use StudyBlue with their students to improve memorization and improve studying skills.

•    Make your own flashcards and notes
•    Upload, organize, and store all your notes and course materials
•    Recommended content suggestions while making flashcards
•    Add images, audio, and advanced text features
•    Offline mode on iOS and Android


If you would like to learn how to use certain apps, please contact Michelle Thayer at thayerm@suu.edu or 435.586.1994 for an appointment. You can also stop by AD 303A.

29 March 2016

April Workshops

4/21/16 3pm-4pm Video - Kaltura Capture Space

New video options in Canvas using Kaltura. You can film you and the screen at the same time giving your students a little picture in picture fun. You can also now embed mini quizzes on videos for a truly interactive video experience. Come see how easy it is.

All interested faculty and staff are to come to ELC 105, from 3pm-4pm this Thursday, April 21st.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

29 February 2016

March Workshops

3/03/16 3pm-4pm Canvas Tools

Come and learn about tools in Canvas that can be useful for your course, department or organization. Canvas has several tools which can make it easier to organize content, share content, and assess knowledge. Canvas has several tools that can be used which can used in a variety of ways. For instance, the Quizzes tool can be used for assessment in a traditional classroom or as a way to see if your student workers are ready to perform a certain task.

All interested faculty and staff are to come to AD 304H, from 3pm-4pm this Thursday, March 3rd.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu

3/16/16 3pm-4pm A-Z Grading (With Quizzes)

Come and learn everything about grading in Canvas. We will go over the basics of setting up an assignment, the use of assignment group percentages, to the use of grade publishing so that you can send grades from Canvas to Banner.  We will cover all of the tips and tricks of using Canvas for grading. We will cover the Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions as ungraded or graded assignments.

All interested faculty and staff are invited to come to AD 304H from 3pm-4pm Wednesday, March 16th.

Workshop queries can be sent to online@suu.edu